East Riddleston Hall

East-Riddlesden-Hall-0592-sSet on the east side of Keighley is East Riddleston Hall a short drive from Moorlodge Country Retreat. Built In the 17th Century by wealthy clothier James Murgatroyd from Halifax, it is now owned and opened by the National Trust.

East Riddleston Hall has a myriad of interests to view, including the collection furniture, textiles and pewter housed in the hall. The great barn on the estate is reputed to be one of the finest in northern England, you can then explore the remodelled gardens and Riverside walk to see the wide range of wildlife found in this area.

For the history lovers you can find out about the Murgatroyd family and the royalist connections with the clues around the estate. The family were notorious for their profanity and debauchery so much so they are reputed to be the inspiration for the Baronets in the comic opera Ruddigore by Gilbert and Sullivan. This behaviour also led to the legend, being born, that the river Aire changed course to avoid the hall and indeed does cast a wide loop round the meadow giving the building a wide berth.

East Riddleston Hall has also been used for a film location on Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights and the Sharpe TV series. Throughout the year the National Trust put on events at the hall so check their website for more information.